Seeing some fruit!

The hardest part of motherhood is all the planting and weeding and sowing and waiting and watering and wondering if anything is taking root in my children’s hearts and minds. These children have been lent to us by the Lord, and only His Spirit can ultimately change their hearts to want to love and serve Him–but He has given me and my husband the privilege of being part of the heart-work that goes into cultivating a harvest for Himself. It is hard work, but so joyous when we finally start seeing fruit! 

One of our sons has been very sensitive to the Lord recently and has been asking many deep questions and writing down things he wants to remember in a little notebook he carries around. These are some snippets I came across tonight while cleaning up.

I cannot tell you how much seeing these brings me such joy! To know that God is working in my son’s heart is humbling and makes me so grateful. 

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