“Kid Night”

“Kid Night” has become sort of a tradition that has evolved through the years as my husband’s work took him away many late evenings, and I wanted to keep things fun and upbeat for the kids even as we were missing daddy. So, I present “kid night.”

Basically on kid night, we know daddy will be gone for the evening, so we make something fun for dinner. Anything leftover in the fridge becomes fair game for fun finger food–little smokies, cubes of cheese, sliced hot dogs, macaroni and cheese, meatballs on little toothpicks, cheese crackers…for children, anything on a toothpick or small enough to be eaten with fingers becomes a feast and a delicacy.

We lay out all the finger foods and everyone helps themselves. Then we have a huge bubble bath so everyone is clean and sweet-smelling.

And finally, we make a huge bowl of popcorn and watch a family movie. Sometimes we put the little ones to bed and the older ones will play card games with me. And that is kid night!

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