Fabulous Fridays

One of the best decisions we’ve made this year is to go with a four-day school schedule instead of a five-day schedule. At first, I was nervous about how it would work and how we would fit everything in, but it has turned out to be the BEST.THING.EVER. Initially, we made the change because we are adding Friday morning co-op to our schedule this year, and because I wanted a day to focus more purposely on various life skills (cleaning jobs, learning to cook, laundry, etc.) with the children. But now it has also become a day where we begin to let down and have more time to really enjoy one another. For example: today we had co-op from 9:30am-12:30pm. After we came home and unloaded the van, various children scattered about the house to play while I put lunch together. And it was happy. And peaceful (though noisy). And kids paired up with each other and just enjoyed being with each other–little ones with big ones, playing everything from play-doh to Spot-It to jumping on the trampoline. And in moments like that, I look around and am SO THANKFUL for this full, sometimes crazy-looking life we have been given. I don’t deserve my godly husband or any single one of the children He has given us, and yet He has blessed us so much and I am so grateful. Life with a large family isn’t always easy, but it is a gift that I cherish so much and am immensely thankful for!

Anyway. 🙂 Back to Fridays. The weather has been absolutely gorgeous and we have enjoyed being outside as much as possible in the low-70s breezy air and sunshine. As always, the trampoline is a huge hit, and is quite possibly the best thing grandparents have ever given our family.

Another awesome thing about Fridays is that usually my husband can work from home on Fridays, and there is just something about having him in the upstairs office and knowing that he will not have a 90-minute commute home that makes life very, very good. 🙂

Growing up, there was a point in our lives where my dad made the decision to work longer hours Monday through Thursday so that he could be home on Fridays as much as possible, giving him time to enjoy us children and to help out with schooling and field trips. We may not be able to completely do that in our family, but even the little steps of having a more relaxed Friday home schooling schedule for the children and more time away from a long commute and from other commitments for us as parents has been a blessing.


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