Breathe it in

It has been a full few weeks. My sister got married this past weekend, and I was her matron of honor. As I was writing my toast, I thought back to all our childhood memories of growing up together. How vivid they still are, even though some of them are thirty years old! It is incredible how fast time goes.

After the wedding, we drove a few hours to a timeshare so we could spend a week of much-needed vacation with my family. If you’ve ever taken a vacation with lots of little ones, you’ll know that sometimes vacation isn’t the most restful. 🙂 Someone always has to stay home with whoever is napping or be constantly watching to make sure no one drowns in the pool. It takes kids longer to fall asleep in a new place and you don’t have all your trusted fallbacks for entertainment when it pours rain and you’re stuck in the unit without the comforts of home. But for all of that, it is a sweet season. As I put my bouquet in a vase of water and breathed in the heady scent, and then sat down with our youngest baby and breathed in her sweet, sweaty baby smell, I thought about these moments between childhood and adulthood,- between holding on and letting go. And I want to breathe them in deeply.

Someday, our babies will be grown up and flown to make their own nests. Someday, it will be the last time it is just “us”–the two of us and our children. Spouses will be grafted in and grandchildren will arrive,- and that season will be beautiful, too. May I savor the “Now” that God has given to me.

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