Been a while!

I’ve neglected this poor blog for a while in all the busyness of life lately! In February we welcomed this precious little lady to our family:

She is an absolute gift to us! Always happy and smiling, and is of course adored by all her siblings.

We hosted family at our house over Easter weekend. I’m so very thankful to live close enough to be able to do weekends together like this. And this year, I sewed all the girls matching dresses–such a fun project! As you can see, it is getting harder and harder to take a photo where everyone smiles. 🙂

A few weeks later, hubby and I were able to enjoy a marriage retreat weekend away while the children spent several days with the grandparents and aunts and uncles.

We also had our first broken bone in the family…ouch!

More and more each day, I am aware of the kindness and faithfulness of God. The past few months have been brimming with life and challenges and joys and struggles and new things to juggle. Raising children is hard. Investing in your marriage takes time and effort. Serving where God calls you takes trust and sacrifice. I am not superhuman. I struggle. I get overwhelmed. I wrestle with sin. I don’t know what to do sometimes. But as a dear friend a decade or two ahead of me in life reminded me last week, “then I remembered the Lord.” And friends, that makes all the difference!

Wherever you are in life tonight, whether a place of joy or a place of wondering what to do next and how you’re ever going to get it all done…remember the Lord. He gives wisdom to those who ask. He is life. He is light. He gives strength and joy. He is faithful. Remember whose you are!

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