Beauty in small and humble places

Today we made homemade pumpkin pies from scratch—the crust, the filling, and the whipped cream. Scrumptious.

Something this good tastes like it came out of an amazing kitchen—something like this:

Or maybe this one:

The reality is, it didn’t. This is my small, humble kitchen, where meals for soon-to-be nine people are made three times a day, seven days a week. It has four drawers, four upper cabinets, and five lower cabinets if you count the one under the sink. 

The counters are decades-old laminate that is peeling on one corner and is temporarily being held down by duct tape. 

The floors are even older linoleum and the cabinets have seen far better days.

But you know what? None of that makes a lick of difference when it comes to the taste of these pumpkin pies. What makes the difference is a good recipe, the right ingredients, and someone willing to put in the time and effort. 

Can I just encourage you, wherever you are and whatever you are doing, to not despise smallness and humble beginnings, but to take joy and contentment where God has you, and let His beauty be upon you and spread to your surroundings?

Little disciplines make big changes. Little kindnesses lead to deep friendships. Little steps take you up huge mountains. Little kitchens can produce many delicious pies. Little hands make much work lighter. 

Someday, we will have saved enough to replace this old kitchen. But in the meantime, I am so grateful for this little space that allows me to feed and love my family and friends. I may not have granite countertops or yards of counter space; but, I can care for and clean and beautify this little space God has entrusted me with for as long as He gives it to me.

Whatever the Lord has given you, whether small or large, humble or grand, single or many, use it for His glory. He needs nothing elaborate to accomplish His purposes—He who created galaxies out of nothing with only a word. Bring your meager loaves and fishes and trust Him to provide not only daily bread, but overflow besides. He wastes no crumbs or broken pieces and He honors every heart that seeks to honor Him. 

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