This past week was my birthday. 🙂 Another reason why I love October so much. The kids and my hubby made it special for me and I felt very loved! Not everyone gets to celebrate a birthday, or another birthday, and I have been given so many already; I am very thankful! My husband got me this amazing foot massager that has been the perfect way to relax in the evenings.

My sweet sister-in-law came with me to IKEA yesterday to help me pick up some shelves for organizing my little mudroom. Two shelves made a huge difference in cleaning up this room! It is basically a small hallway that has four doors opening to it (kitchen door, garage door, backyard patio door, and a bathroom door) and there is just enough space for the washer and dryer. I’m so happy with the addition of the shelves so I could get the kids’ water bottles and some other miscellaneous items off my kitchen counters.

This morning we visited a beef and dairy farm and enjoyed learning about agriculture. Despite the wet weather, we got to have a hayride and see the baby calves and sheep. 

This weekend we have family in town to continue birthday celebrations and also as we dedicate our two littlest girls at church this Sunday! 

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