God, life, and cream of tartar

This week we made meringues twice (sooo good!). This little guy was my helper, and of course, he wanted to taste everything, including the cream of tartar. 

“Mom, ewwww! This is gross! Why do we have to put this yucky stuff in there?” Even the meager 1/8 teaspoon we added to the recipe grossed him out. 

I had a vague notion that it had something to do with a chemical reaction that needed to occur, so I googled it and lo and behold, that is the case. Cream of tartar is 100% acid. It is a byproduct of making wine from grapes and it produces a reaction that binds together the foamy whipped egg to help it achieve its full volume potential and add stability so that the whole thing doesn’t flop over into a gooey mess. 

Perhaps you’ve experienced a crushing, squeezing time in your life where the Lord produced something good in you, like the wine from those grapes. Maybe a lot of bitterness and hurt came out of your heart during that time, and you have had to deal with that too. Be assured that the Lord does not waste anything. Not our tears, not our struggles, not our pain. And when we find that burning acid in the middle of our situation, where we may feel as if life is whirling around us and spinning out of control, beating things into a frenzy and whipping mountains out of our previous calm, take heart. 

Allow the Lord to do His work, and allow yourself to become pliable and submit to His hands. In your submission you will find His strength. In your humility as you bend, He will bring stability and raise you up. And in the end, after all the mixing and folding and time in the fire, there will be a sweetness that could never have otherwise been achieved.

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