Where I belong

Last night was one of those weird times when my spirit just felt downcast and unsettled. I felt frumpy and kind of worthless and like a failure and as if I was just ugly and not measuring up. There wasn’t anything in particular that had happened to make me feel that way; I just slipped into it and then began believing the lies and letting them break down what I know to be true until they were really breaking ME. 

And so today, I am resting in the remembrance that I belong to Christ. He has made me worthy. He loves me and gave Himself for me. He has created me in a fearfully wonderful way. He has bought me back. He delights in me and rejoices over me with singing. He is mighty to save. He knows my thoughts before a word is even on my tongue. He brings life and not death. He has prepared a place for me. He is mine and I am His. He helps my unbelief. He is my strong tower and refuge and strength. There is nothing I can do to earn God’s favor, but there is also nothing I NEED to do, because Christ has already done it for me on the cross and is continuing to do His sanctifying work in my heart! 

So breathe, soul. And let every breath be a praise to the Lord for who He is and what He has done for me! Rejoice and be glad, and remember the Lord your God. 

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