Now You are One

My sweet baby girl, I can’t believe that today you are one year old.

You have filled my heart with so much joy! Your daddy has always said that you were the perfect baby–and you are. You slept through the night from the first. You were always happy and relaxed and full of sweet smiles and dimples. I could drink in your sweet baby smell for hours, and you would just snuggle in and let me.

And now here you are, eating pop-ices like the big kids and trying to do a somersault, even though you haven’t mastered proper crawling yet and can only say “mama,” “dada,” and “uh-oh.”

Everyone always says that the baby years go by so fast. When you’re in the thick of them, sometimes it seems like they will last forever, but the truth is, the days are long but the years are short. With every baby God has given to us, I have tried to enjoy these baby days to the fullest because I know just how quickly they fly by.

And then they are gone even faster than before, leaving me grasping at memories of sweet baby laughs and diaper blowouts and late nights and early morning feedings–and in their place, now there is a beautiful laughing wannabe toddler in my baby’s place, wanting me to help her stand and practice walking.

I love you, my sweet girl. I am so, SO grateful for you. I enjoy every single day with you, and I pray that God will grow you to be a woman who loves Him with all of your heart and soul.

Happy birthday, my little one-year-old!

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