A peek into our week

Around here, we make a lot of laundry and a lot of messes. So naturally, one of the things we are always working on with the children is how to pitch in and do whatever job needs to be done. I don’t have a perfect system for this yet, but despite that, by and large the kids are doing well at learning how to do bigger tasks and finish them. A few days ago, they worked on laundry.

Of course, we dont just work around here all the time. We also play hard! This sweet little girl is about to turn one year old this weekend and she has been getting more and more independent as she tries to imitate her older siblings.

Sometimes the kids even let us relax a bit! The other day, our two-year-old brought me some lotion and lathered up my feet: “sit down an I give you foot wub, Mommy!” Then she gave her little sister one, too.

The kids worked on their AWANA verses earlier this week. They’ve done well memorizing diligently! This year we are all in club, with hubby and myself working as leaders. 

And this sweet new baby girl is growing and kicking and making sure she isn’t forgotten! I can’t wait to meet her. 🙂

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