Thursday thoughts 

If you haven’t read this book yet, get it and mark it up. Excellent read, and I got through it in a few hours this afternoon. Now I have lots of thoughts spinning around in my head about how to better orient our days to be more intentionally shaping our kids into well-rounded, hard-working, critically-thinking adults.

Today was gorgeous outside. We  buckled down hard this morning and worked through school by lunchtime so we could squeeze in a trip to the library before spending the rest of the day outside. The children built forts, jumped on the trampoline, took wagon rides, created their own board game, read books, and drew for hours. It was glorious.

We capped off the evening with homemade pizza, and then bedtime for the littles, a date to Walmart to buy a fishing rod with Daddy for the oldest boy, and a quiet evening reading for me and our oldest girl. 🙂 Pretty perfect.

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