We made donuts!

Full disclosure: these are not made-from-scratch donuts. But they are super yummy, super easy donuts that even little hands can help make! 

Yesterday, the fall weather was just begging for us to mix up something yummy in the kitchen. But we were tired of brownies and cookies…so we decided to make some donut holes the easy way. 🙂 The little ones helped me open up some tubes of refrigerated biscuits (you know, the 45 cent cheap ones from Aldi…or the yummy Pillsbury ones from Walmart–just avoid the flaky Grands style). Then we cut each biscuit into smaller pieces and the kids rolled the pieces into bite-sized balls. I put some oil in a pan to heat up, and once it was nice and hot, we carefully dropped the raw dough balls in to fry. 

Flip them over after a minute or two, after each side has browned a bit and they don’t look raw in the middle, and then take them out with a pair of tongs and drop them into a bowl of cinnamon sugar. Roll them around and then place on a plate to cool. Voila! Five minute hot and fresh donuts. 

We ate through forty donut holes in no time. Of course, with eight people in the house (and a baby in my belly), it’s no surprise that they went fast. 🙂 

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