First Day of School

Today the school bus came to pick up all the neighborhood kids for the first day of school. Meanwhile, we settled into our Monday home schooling routine. We’ve been officially doing school since June, so we are starting our eighth week here. I love the freedom that comes with home schooling, so that we can start when it works best for our family.

This morning, a few of the children helped me finish up the last of my preparations for the co-op classes I’m teaching this year. We’re all excited to begin co-op classes this week, especially after having been on the waiting list for two years! We finished the last of our laminating projects and then made over some backpacks for two of the younger children to use for their classes. Because our home is short on storage space, we hung some command hooks on the wall leading down the basement stairway and hung everyone’s backpacks there so they will stay organized and out of the way when they are not being used during the week.

The fifth load of laundry for the day is in the dryer. We’ve made two batches of cookies, and two children are napping, two are finished with their schoolwork and are playing outside, and the remaining two are working on the remainder of their subjects for the day. It is good to have lots of busyness going on around, with everyone working on projects or playing together! I so enjoy having our children home!

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